Free Codes:

There are various categories in the site containing different examples. Each example comprises three sections: HTMLCSS and Javascript. The codes of each section are located separately in different boxes. You can copy the codes and put them in suitable files of your site. For example, you can define an external JS file for Javascript codes, and use a CSS file for the styles. However, if you do not know how to do this, just visit the demo page. All codes are gathered together and put into one script. This script is fully shown in “Source Code” Section. Please consider that external scripts, styles, fonts and etc. were put at the end of HTML section. You are free to either leave them at their place or move them to the Head section of your web page.


Free Templates:

There exist plenty of free templates, all in MIT license to be used for free. You can select from blog, e-commerce, portfolio and other groups of themes. In each category, select each template to see each description. If you’d like it, then go and see the Demo. In that page, you can find a “Download Button”. If you’d like it, please give us a credit.